A Brooklyn, New York native, Reonda grew up in the deeper ends of Brooklyn at a time when people still bought CDs. She listened to pop music, but later discovered great names such as Nick Drake, Elliot Smith, Vashti Bunyan, and Johnny Cash. After sneaking a classical guitar out from school, she taught herself how to play and began writing simple tunes. Some years went by and she now writes sparse and introspective songs that may seem to contrast the much more upbeat sounds from the music industry today. In her spear time, she enjoys daydreaming about becoming a sushi chef one day.

"A few more spins of her new EP “Moon” reveals a familiar lo-fi sensibility. “Moon” is like emotions laid bare and transformed into melodies, chords and lyrics. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a rainy day." - Edwin@Bitetone



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Girl and the Sea
Can't Catch Me
What I'll be doing New Year's Eve
Dear Winter

Indie Music is dead too :(




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